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The other thing

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How I Got Here

 a desert,

Thanks MMc. I tried to comment on your channel here instead of mine, but I don't understand this very well yet.
Hi Logos.

You cannot comment on my channel until I add you as a connection, depending on your settings some people can see or comment in your channel (also each post has permission levels that can be set individually).

Now that you are in my connections I believe I have it set so you could share something in my channel, but it sounds like it would have been more appropriate for you to post in your channel and tag me like this @Michael McKinsey - I will tag you also @Logos - this by default sends out an email notification, but those settings are also all adjustable by the user so you can turn those notifications on and off.

I use hubzilla to communicate with several different organizations I am involved with, apologies but I am not sure who you are or in what context you have found this hub and contacted me.  I can probably be more helpful if you let me know who you are and what you are trying to use hubzilla for, then I can give you some more information that will be most helpful.  Hubzilla is a very deep and configurable platform, so the context in which you are using it is important.

Regardless of why you are here and how you got here, welcome to hubzilla and let me know if I can be helpful.
I can probably be more helpful if you let me know who you are and what you are trying to use hubzilla for

Thanks. You're a gem. For demographic purposes, I started out at a recent Reddit thread in r/linux about Mastodon, found your video as a result, and am just academically interested in privacy, federation, and alternatives to being vendor-locked at FB or Twitter or anywhere. But truthfully, when it comes to the question of what I'm trying to use these technologies for, I don't have a good answer. Yet, maybe. Just another lost angel interested in written communication in all its varied forms.
Cool - that makes sense.  I use hubzilla for several organizations so was mainly making sure you were not a member of one of them trying to find the correct place to hang out here.  Enjoy and let me know if you need anything.
The Title Is Again Optional

 a desert,  
In WP the thing is "New", for making a new post. Here it says 'Share'. It doesn't catch my eye as well. I'm glad to be federated, but as the man said, the goal would be to be running your own instance I guess, if this is to be a serious thing at all.

Now where do I click to publish, sigh.
Don't listen to my whining.
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Pushing upward. Thanks for noticing. Am I social yet? Federated, certainly.
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As the forced migration began and I started drowning in the new forced life, the spill fell away from its original, daily intention. There wasn’t time. If you’re still unsure … ah fuck it. I don’t care anymore about repeatedly explaining the obvious in the face of what can only be willful misunderstanding. Let Vivi keep handling that part.

By October, in time for the next Wordfest, I was to have migrated this project too, and to have started doing daily again somewhere else. I did get a fair piece down that road, buying a new domain and even designing a card to take with me to the ’17 fest.

But nothing about it felt quite right, from the omens, and I was still, am still, insanely busy. So nothing happened. Even now still, with a vague handle on the new places and roles, nothing has happened. Now I find myself missing this outlet.

So for now I’m going to try something else as a stopgap. That’s what the above is all about. If you want something to put in the boxes, let me know and I’ll provide it, if I want to, on a case-by-case basis. If I don’t … thanks for understanding. I’m doing what’s right for me, in the moment for the moment, until I figure out something better.