Hubzilla intro and account setup video

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A short video to explain the very basics of hubzilla and step you through setting up an account.

Hubzilla - Registering an account and getting started.


Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built usin...

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The software I used for capture and recording is called OBS.
The target group for the video is people who cannot figure out how to get logged in and make a connection, and what possible reason they could have to do so when a friend has asked them to make an account and log in.  Those people do not care if it is Hubzilla or Redmatrix or even know what that would mean, and it would make no difference to them if I tried to explain.  Since it is confusing you, even though I also can't understand why you would even care, I will explain.  The site used to be Redmatrix, but the name of the project changed and I still have the domain name which I actually like, and the software is Hubzilla and I keep it updated now.  I just pulled the latest I believe though I am still not very confident as I just moved to hubzilla from redmatrix recently.  If you have that questions about any hubzilla site, as far as I know you can go to and get what you are looking for without even needing to be logged in, at least that is available on my hub.
I understand you keep your domaine name and upgrade hubzilla on it. I am watching your video. It is good.