I love this video about the shift in consciousness.

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Baby Boomers were pretty much raised to believe it is important to: respect elders, obey your teachers and parents, be well-behaved, and have good manners.  And we were punished physically when we didn't please our adults.  Those are the hallmark values of an authoritarian personality...maybe that's why Trump is our president-elect.  The opposite values, by the way, are: to be independent, self-reliant; considerate and curious.  To encourage these values in children requires a lot more involvement and work on the part of the parents.  I have witnessed a family who has followed the non-authoritarian values to raise their two children, and they are truly a functional family -- with love and fondness for each other.  I prefer the latter approach -- which would have elected Bernie Sanders.
This is a pretty good read from earlier this year that talks about the specific personality traits of those drawn to authoritarian figures. From what I remember it doesn't touch on the generational component you've eluded to, though.
When I viewed the traits of an autoritarian in light of how I was raised, I realized we were taught all things authoritarian, so Boomers raised a lot of other authoritarians, which was further taught through Christianity.  When people quit going to church and their parents were working, that instruction in authoritarian principles diminished and the shift to other values began.  That is why I think there is a generational shift toward compassion, cooperation and sharing.  I have not researched it at all...merely been observing for 70 plus years :)
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A somewhat subtle sign of endemic racism is our jokes.  I used to know a whole lot of jokes that were funny, but making fun of others -- either their beliefs, their choices of food, or their perceived status in the society.  I hated to not be able to joke about an Italian  eating tripe, or a Mexican's version of English.  I thought it was recognizing differences, but in fact, it was diminishing them.  I apologize to the world for not realizing that sooner.  I was reminded that today when a post said that a woman is "too ugly" to be something or another -- and when people got mad at him, he said it was a joke.  The reason such things are not funny is because they are another form of accepting stereotypes.  So, those of us who like to make people laugh will just have to throw those kinds of jokes in the trash.
I think this basically comes down to the reality that something can be funny to one person and genuinely harmful to another at the same time.  I am not really sure I can be completely aware of the impact of everything I say, and there are many situations in which someone may not like or be offended by my speech and the cause of that harm is something of which they are responsible and not me.  Basically I think I should try to be careful and aware of what I am saying, and realize that there may be contexts and perspectives from which what I am saying either can hurt another person or can support a point of view that is hurting someone, and I need to decide if it is in line with what I believe to continue anyway.

I use my words to hurt people and tear down ideas I disagree with all the time, and I have decided to wield and use that weapon regularly, so I think each individual needs to make those choices about who to attack and when.  The excuse that something is a joke to reduce the responsibility for hurting others with my words is not a valid one, as if something is what qualifies as a joke or not is completely up to the person listening not the person speaking.
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