Outside the Whole Foods  store on Wilshire in Santa Monica, CA  a man named Bing is standing with  a cart on which is written. 

"Equal and unconditional love for all our fellow creatures
across all space/time/matter/energy
is the only way out (of the human misery)


I felt this is the best day I could have ever had.  I  thanked him and while we were  talking an African American lady gave him food.

Here is a link to photos of his cart.

How the seeds of violence get planted

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Here is a picture of Operation Paperclip scientists at Fort Bliss in texas, in 1946.  Until 1945, these men worked for Adolf Hitler, but as soon as the war ended these "rare minds" began working for the American military and various intelligence organizations attached thereto, the details of which remain largely classified.  In the picture rocket scientist Wernher von Braun is in the front row,seventh from the right with his hand in his pocket.
But in my generation we grew up realizing that war was an obsession with those in power.  Now here we are,seniors celebrating the 50th anniversary of 1968.  That's why I like this video with John Lennon singing MIND GAMES....chanting the mantra PEACE ON EARTH"

John Lennon - Mind Games (Subtitulada Inglés/Español)
by david miranda on YouTube
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What happens when you leave a megaphone on the street with the simple instructions: “Declare Your Love.”

Declare Your Love
by Improv Everywhere on YouTube
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Subject: It's time to reverse decades of failed drug policy!


I signed a petition to The United States Senate which says:

"Add your name to the Marijuana Justice Act, which will remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances and look to reverse the decades of failed policies that disproportionately target communities of color. "

Boeing reneges on its promise to clean up the Santa Susanna Field Lab so that people can live safe from nuclear waste

I just signed the petition, “No more kids with cancer: clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?
Here’s the link:
On November 16 I went to see John Dear , the world famous peace activist speaking in Morro Bay, That's three weeks ago, and his talk echoes in my thoughts still!   His teaching is to love yourself, to love your neighbor, your enemy, and to love the world and to understand the profound responsibility in doing all of these. He is a man who has the courage of his convictions and who speaks out and acts against war, the manufacture of weapons, and any situation where a human being might be at risk through violence.
More info about that lecture is here
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We Are Seeds - Workshop Description
Facilitated by local artist: June Kaewsith, in collaboration with Long Beach Time Exchange & Native Sol

DATE: Wednesday, December 6th
TIME: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
LOCATION: Native Sol (2018 E. 4th Street, Long Beach, California 90814

The city of Long Beach has been selected to participate in Cultural Convenings, which is part of a process using arts and culture to broaden conversation around gentrification, displacement and health equity issues throughout Southern California. Funded by The California Endowment, local artist June Kaewsith (Jumakae) will facilitate a theater workshop called "We Are Seeds" using plants, poetry, and movement activities to tell stories of migration and how immigrants and refugees have always found ways to create home. With the rise of housing costs and displacement in Long Beach, the intention of this workshop is to connect with our plant ancestors to remind us of the resiliency that lies within our bodies and the earth. For this special workshop, we invite community members to bring a plant that makes them feel "at home" to exchange with another participant. This plant can be in the form of a fruit, vegetable, herb, or basically anything that has grown from a seed, or anything that reminds you of "home".

Please bring a journal to write in and dress comfortably as we will be doing movement activities and storytelling. **This workshop will be outdoors, so please dress warm.**

**This workshop is open to all ages, abilities, and genders. We would like to prioritize immigrants, refugees, and those who carry these stories of their ancestors.** We encourage people to bring an elder relative with them (parent, grandparent, etc) as this will be a space for intergenerational healing and storytelling. Children are also welcome to participate alongside adults (and is encouraged!). If translation will be needed, please let us know when you RSVP.

You are welcome to bring snacks to share that bring comfort and also remind you of home.

To RSVP, Please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/84gJ9iumgzYV0dHq2

"They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds." - Mexican Proverb

Cultural Convening in Long Beach is supported by Long Beach Residents Empowered (LiBRE), Housing Long Beach, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, East Los Angeles Community Corporation, and the California Endowment. Workshops are being offered at no cost to community members and is made possible through the generous funds of California Endowment. For Time Bank members, a donation of 2 time credits is welcome.
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Can you imagine a forest giving off the same amount of energy as a power plant? Designer Ermi van Oers can. The Dutch entrepreneur and her team have created a lamp called Living Light that can harness energy from a living plant. As she continues to develop this new lighting system, her long-term goal is to power cities with green energy harnessed by plants.
Read more herehttp://www.greenmatters.com/renewables/2017/11/20/1wRREm/lamp-plants-power.