How the seeds of violence get planted

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Here is a picture of Operation Paperclip scientists at Fort Bliss in texas, in 1946.  Until 1945, these men worked for Adolf Hitler, but as soon as the war ended these "rare minds" began working for the American military and various intelligence organizations attached thereto, the details of which remain largely classified.  In the picture rocket scientist Wernher von Braun is in the front row,seventh from the right with his hand in his pocket.
But in my generation we grew up realizing that war was an obsession with those in power.  Now here we are,seniors celebrating the 50th anniversary of 1968.  That's why I like this video with John Lennon singing MIND GAMES....chanting the mantra PEACE ON EARTH"

John Lennon - Mind Games (Subtitulada Inglés/Español)
by david miranda on YouTube
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