MDRVF Wiki: Rating Worksheet

Please sumbit this information to the race chair to establish a rating for the TNT races:

Skipper Name:

Sail Number:

Manufactur Type:

Boat Length:

Do you have a current PHRF rating?

Will you be using a spinaker?

Do you have a fixed prop (+6)?

Do you have a Dacron head sail (+6)?

Do you have a Dacron main sail (+6)?

Do you have a furling head sail (+6)?

Do you have a furling main sail (+6) does it have no battens (+9)?

Is the J measurment of you headsail below 110% (+6)? from 111-135%(+3)?

Do you have 100-200 ft. of anchor chain in your bow (+3)? more than 200 ft? (+6)

The RC will do all it can to make sure you have a fair raiting for your boat and equipment, the ratings used for the TNT races can be adjusted according to the RC and may be adjusted for every race and will be made available when possible on http://mdrvmf.org before each race and may be adjusted until the results are final.