MDRVF Wiki: How we do things

The Marina del Rey Venture MacGregor Fleet is shortened to "MDRVMF" The Vic Smith Tuesday Night Trials is shortened to "VSTNT" This saves you a lot of typing.

We run this operation pretty casual, some would say really loose. The formality of the entry is mainly so we can get your name spelled correctly, learn how to pronounce your boat name and email you the race results. You can pay your dues and race fees to the Fleet treasurer.

The races are started from a committee boat. You need to check in with the race committee before 5:45 PM on VHF channel 71 on race nights. We use a three minute start sequence with the first warning at 5:55 PM. The start order is set by the committee boat and is called out in the sailing instructions for that series.

Please monitor channel 71 throughout the race. We make course changes and give you other information over the radio. We announce the start sequence running times on VHF Channel 71 along with sound signals so you know where you're at in the sequence. We need a little Corinthian Sprit on the start line as the committee boat may not be close. Be assured that someone will let you know if you're over early. The finishes are done on Channel 71 as well. Call us when you're about 30 seconds from the finish line and say "Your boat name, approaching" We will respond with "Give us a mark" Then you say "Your boat name Mark" when the skipper crosses the finish line. Be sure to write down your finish time, because, as you know VHF Radios don't always do as we would like.

All the details for the start and finish lines and other marks of the course will be published in the Sailing Instructions for each series

We usually meet the other racers, pay the treasurer money, all that fun stuff at the "The Shack" in Player del Rey after the races. You can get a good burger, maybe a beer. We call it "Burgers, fries and lies".