MDRVF Wiki: Another Opinion

From Charles Spear I am the editor of the Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association newsletter SOLO. The following appeared in the November issue:

Tip of the Cap

Here we have the SOLO editor’s prerogative, his choice of something to say when there is no next month race to hype. There is an unsung hero in the marina; I just found out about him, and I’ve been racing here for more than twenty years. His name is Vic Smith. I don’t know much about him except that he has been running a Tuesday night racing series in the marina for a very long time. I’ve been vaguely aware of this but only entered a Vic Smith race a few weeks ago, when Cal was done with Wednesdays, and Santa Monica Windjammers was done with after Wednesdays and my crew wasn’t done at all. Smith runs races with a PHRF start and two cruising class starts, and he runs them for thirty consecutive weeks. There are six scored series, each with a different course, and with five races in each series. I believe the entry fee for the entire series is thirty bucks, and it might even be twenty; I don’t think Vic Smith is in it for the money or for the acclaim, I think he just loves our sport. Nonetheless I call your attention to this unsung hero. He would probably say that the credit belongs to his organization, the Marina del Rey Venture MacGregor Fleet, but since Vic is the Treasurer, Cruise Director, Race Chair and Webmaster of this organization, we’ll chalk that up to modesty.