Prosperity Movie Exclusive Screening Event


Are we destined to ruin the planet we live on? Or can we heal the earth, eliminate pollution AND make a profit? This groundbreaking documentary says YES!
The movie maker is a podcaster I've been listening to for years, so I've been hearing about this since he started working on it. I posted it on reputation alone, but I've watched it since I posted it a couple hour ago.

The movie is basically about conscious capitalism, showing examples of companies doing the right thing for the environment, their communities and their employees. It ends with the message that we, as consumers, can have an impact by how we shop, bank and invest.

So refreshing compared to the usual dreck about how, if only we give our incompetent government more money and power, it will make it all better for us.
If you register to watch the movie, you will get a daily email for a week with links to additional videos (3/day) and resources. Here is a summary page of some of the resource links (I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't register and watch the movie): Prosperity Resources
this is GREAT! thanks for posting it. I am  so happy to get connected with this.