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can't login to new hubzilla installation

  last edited: Thu, 02 Mar 2017 00:01:47 -0800  
Hello again.

I have just installed Hubzilla without any errors, but I cannot login. I enter my email and password and click login but prompts me again to login. If I try to register it says that the email is already registered.

I would like to note that my domain's A record value is the local/private IP of the hubzilla server. So the server can't be seen from the outside. I hope this is ok.

Also I don't see any logs anywhere. Can you help me with troubleshooting? Thanks.
I disable email verification cause on my server mails doesn't work well. I only sent invitation to protect against spam
Is it possible to disable verification for every new user?
Mike Macgirvin
Visit /admin/site as administrator.

Under 'Policies', unset 'Verify Email Addresses' and Submit. This probably belongs in the Registration section rather than Policies. I don't have any objections if anybody feels inclined to move it there.