Spinnaker use and non spinnaker adjustments

Mike, how do you plan to handle non spin use.  Some courses and not suitable for spinnaker use and some are.  Will handicaps be adjusted?
Green Shoe

Mike, will you please send a notice to the Tuesday night racers that we fished out a green, ladies size 9 shoe out of the water near the breakwater last Tuesday.  If its pair is lonely, I have it at my boat hanging off the pushpit .

joe updated their profile photo

One way to send someone a message is to post on their channel like this, but not everyone will have given you permission to do that depending on their settings.


The other way is to go to "mail" in the pulldown in the top right menu, and put their name on this site in the to: field and send them a private message.

Give me a call if you want if it doesn't seem to make sense.
Also if you click "directory" in the top right, you can use the "connect" button to add people.  It is a bit like adding a friend in facebook.



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