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Hubzilla on OpenShift v2 ends September 30, 2017
@Hubzilla Development+ Please share as widely as possible - Hubzilla on OpenShift v2 ends September 30, 2017. That is 4 weeks from now.

There is a migration guide from version 2 to version 3 from RedHat. As of this time, this is completely untested by any Hubzilla developer, and I, having passed 100 000 users of KS Learning in Norway, do not have the time to update the Hubzilla on OpenShift script from version 2 to version 3, nor play around with the migration guide.

The recommended approach is to
  • clone your channels to friendly Hubzilla hubs
  • use webdav to access your channel files and download those you do not have locally.
  • backup your OpenShift database and files with rhc snapshot and phpMyadmin.
  • start playing with the migration guide, perhaps you are lucky and you can enjoy life on OpenShift v3
  • share only POSITIVE migration experiences with the Hubzilla community, please. We do not really need to know how badly this can play out, we already know, so there is little to be learned.
  • if you have items to this list, please share.

Best of luck to everyone.


Get Ready to Migrate to OpenShift Online 3 – OpenShift Blog


Migrate to OpenShift Online 3 with these resources as OpenShift v2 has reached end of life and will be sunset on September 30th, 2017.
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