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I just posted a private message and this time i wanted to share it for my benefit, to inspire my actions profitably.
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Bored of trends currently, it is almost too similar to Facebook, Twitter and others who capture the moment and can even ruin it as well.
I dont want to go thru some ritual and not enjoy things, but its time for that learning curve some-days.
I dislike that channel configuration presets were added to core for social but there were just too many people demanding something simple they're familiar with. I also dislike that the default privacy group was named "Friends" when it should have been named "Default Group" or something like that. The main developer didn't want to confuse people with that sort of verbiage but eventually was persuaded to by complaints that it was too confusing without social presets.

What we should be telling everyone, is that with Hubzilla has the power to make social networks and e-mail obsolete instead of providing an image of social networking.

This is open-source so I think maybe I should try making an effort to at least change the default privacy group name to something sensible.
Privacy is good used sensibly. I welcome whatever improvements might be forthcoming as well as input to help the movement on Hubzilla go ahead more smoothly. Whatever feels right too.
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BlaBlaNetBlaBlaNet wrote the following post Sun, 04 Dec 2016 16:16:00 -0800
Scotland Yard investigating 'important' new lead in Madeleine McCann case


Scotland Yard has reportedly been given more money to investigate an "important" new lead into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Metropolitan Police detectives are said to be looking into a tip that a gang of European traffickers snatched the three-year-old from her family's Portuguese holiday apartment in 2007.